Walking Programs

At Summit K9, we are passionate about providing dogs with the biological fulfillment they need to live happy, healthy lives. Dog walking with Summit K9 is not your average dog walking program. Mental exercise is equally important to your dog's health and well-being as physical exercise, which is why we have specially formulated our walking services to include structured training and games. While your pup will have plenty of opportunity to sniff and explore, they will also be actively building loose leash walking skills, basic obedience foundations, and attentiveness to the handler.


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Solo Dog Walks

Fun filled, training centered walks to provide physical and mental exercise while building new skills. Dogs of all skill levels and behavioral needs are welcome to apply to this program!

Available in 4, 6, and 10 Walk Packages



Pack Adventures

Join the pack! Your dog will build key skills while learning to safely socialize with other dogs. Your pup is sure to come home tired after a day of learning and exploring in the great outdoors! 

Available in 4, 6, and 10 Walk Packages



Puppy Visits

Midday visits for potty breaks, feeding, and introductory socialization performed by a canine professional. We all know that puppies require a crazy amount of time and energy to meet their needs. We are here to help!

Available in 4, 6, and 10 Visit Packages


Please note that all new walking clients must first complete a Dog Walking Meet & Greet prior to being accepted into our walking programs!

Solo Dog Walks

Dogs enrolled in Solo Dog Walks receive drop-in visits during the day from a qualified, insured pet professional. These 30 minute walks are perfect for less social or outgoing dogs, or dogs with special behavioral or physical needs. They are an excellent alternative to daycare, and provide exercise, enrichment, and light training while you are home or away. 

30 minute walk: $30 (plus tax)

45 minute walk: $45 (plus tax)


Pack Adventures

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What are Pack Adventures, you ask? This special service is the ultimate group field trip for your pup!


Conducted like a traditional dog walk, a Summit K9 staff member drops by your home to retrieve your dog and bring them and a crew of their new best friends to a local park or pet friendly public space for a group walk. Like traditional walking services, the owner does not need to be home for pick up, making this the perfect way to ensure that your dog is receiving the exercise, enrichment, and structured socialization they need to be happy and healthy. Dogs are usually out for 1.5-3 hours, depending on the number of dogs in the group and the location of the walk. Dogs also receive a moderate level of training during this service, so you can be sure that your dog will come home from Pack Adventures tired and content!


We love running this program, and encourage owners to explore this option as an alternative to daycare that provides an extra level of structure, safety, and training. Dogs are not only receiving a social and active experience, but gaining key skills as well! 

This program is perfect for dogs with basic leash skills that need a little more fulfillment in their days, dogs that are maybe dog selective or easily overwhelmed in daycare settings, and owners whose schedules make early morning drop offs a challenge. 

4 Adventure Package: $140 (plus tax)

10 Adventure Package: $350 (plus tax)

Puppy Visits

Keeping up with puppy care is tough, especially for owners that work normal 8-12 hour work days! Let us help you provide potty breaks, play sessions, short walks, and meals with scheduled puppy visits. A canine professional will drop by during the designated days and times to provide your puppy with a little extra care and attention as needed. 


30 minute visit: $25 (plus tax)