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Mobile Dog Trainer

Seeking a reliable, self-starting, open-minded dog trainer to join our team!

This job offers flexible scheduling and full time pay for part-time hours. Trainers at Summit K9 must be driven for continued learning and always be seeking self improvement.

Applicants MUST enjoy and excel at working with people, as well as with animals. If you are interested in the position because you want to work more with animals than with people, this is not the position for you! Summit K9 programming is formulated to provided strong owner education and follow up. Counseling and motivating owners is the most important part of this position.


$20-$100/hour (dependent on experience and specific services provided)


- Arrange and complete client meetings and consultations.
- Enter client appointments into our online system and ensure that payment is made prior to receipt of services.
- Provide private training, day training, and/or group training classes as assigned.
- Provide dog walking services, pack walk services, and/or day camp services as assigned.
- Provide possible additional training and walking services as needed and as our programs continue to grow and develop.
- Formulate training plans and execute them with clients and their dogs.
- Transport dogs in personal vehicle for off-site day training, pack walk, and day camp services.
- Attend mandatory staff meeting every other week.
- Communicate with clients and staff members daily via text, social media, and email.


- Basic dog handling skills and a solid knowledge of canine learning theory.
- A strong sense of commitment to dog and owner safety.
- A drive to continue learning and the ability to remain open to new ideas in training. We are motivation first, balanced dog trainers, which means that we feel it is critical to continue learning alternative methods to influencing behavior to best serve a wide variety of clients and dogs.
- ** CAR IS MANDATORY ** Must have full time access to a reliable vehicle - SUV/Hatch/Van preferred!
- Willingness to drive a significant amount, and transport dogs in your car. This may involve reorganizing your car set up to accommodate dogs for multidog services, such as Pack Adventures and Day Camp.
- Have a smart phone with a camera and internet.
- Access to a computer at home (this will be necessary for scheduling in our online system!)
- Willingness to work evenings and weekends. Most clients work normal 9-5 weekday hours, so trainers must be available for group classes and/or private lessons outside of these times. (Disclaimer, dog training is a demanding job, and we feel strongly that staff must have a balance of weekend days and evenings off as well! Trainers will not be required to work every evening or every weekend day.)
- Willingness to work outdoors, even in inclement weather.


Note: Please apply even if you do not fit all of the following qualifications. For the right candidate, we may consider substituting previous experience with shadowing and training with our staff in order to prepare you for the position.

- Extensive experience in the animal/pet industry, including but not limited to training, grooming, walking, daycare/boarding, and equine care and training.
- Coursework in animal behavior, either through a dog training school or collegiate courses.
- Attendance at seminars with other dog trainers, or previous participation in dog training classes with your personal dogs.
- Experience training for and competing in dog sports and/or working roles, such as detection, agility, parkour, protection sports, hunting, SAR, etc.


- Opportunities for continued education and skill building.
- Access to online training courses and accounts, upon request, including but not limited to leerburg coursework, Consider the Dog, Dave Kroyer, and more.
- Attendance at seminars with other trainers.
- Opportunities for continued growth in the organization and increased pay.
- Room for creativity in programming. We are always working on creative ideas to better serve our clients and their dogs!

*NOT  A SEASONAL STUDENT POSITION* we are looking for long term candidates (year +). This position is open to serious trainers looking to take the next step in their career. A high degree of skill is necessary to be successful in this line of work, and continuous education and skill building is required. We hold our trainers to a high standard, and only serious applicants will be considered. This is not an entry level position.

- Complete the following form and attach your resume.

- Recommended: Email video of you working dogs to! Play, basic obedience, sport work, leash work, off-leash work, whatever!

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