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Enrichment Daycare

The Summit K9 Enrichment Daycare Program is a great alternative to traditional daycare services! This program reflects our values and philosophy as dog trainers and caregivers, and is designed with the dog’s needs and drives in mind. Enrichment Daycare programming is offered Monday through Thursday from 7:30am to 6:00pm, and is offered in a variety of membership options. Please visit the Registration, Rates, & Memberships page for more information about scheduling, prices, and signing  your pup up for camp!


Handling and care of the dogs enrolled in day camp will be conducted by dog behavior professionals who have been extensively educated and trained in canine behavior and learning. We operate with a small but highly skilled and dedicated staff who are constantly continuing their education in animal behavior in order to create the best experience possible for all enrolled clients. Handlers in our daycare program are not merely canine enthusiasts, but professionals who are ever pushing the boundaries of their own skills and expertise. This ensures that we are able to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience possible for every dog and owner who walks through our doors!


Summit K9 Enrichment Daycare services are formulated with the dog's needs in mind. We offer safe, structured, and enriching daycare services that empower dogs to confidently socialize with other dogs. Rather than providing just a traditional daycare model, our services integrate a training-based approach that ensures the highest level of safety, comfort, and enrichment for all enrolled dogs. Though the focus of this program is safe socialization and play skills, participating dogs will also regularly receive sessions that focus on:

  • Training & Skill Building

  • Conditioned Relaxation & Rest

  • Enrichment & Mental/Physical Exercise


By combining these elements in our Day Camp program, we are able to provide a deeper level of fulfillment in the enrolled dogs while creating an excellent training foundation that can be applied to the dog and owner’s day to day lives in endless ways. 

Though this program is open to all dogs, and would provide excellent enrichment and training work for stable, outgoing dogs, this is also an ideal program for dogs that may otherwise fail to thrive in a more traditional daycare setting. 


This program has been a fantastic match for many dogs who are:

  • Mildly anxious, fearful, or low confidence

  • Easily overwhelmed by other dogs

  • Reactive to dogs or strangers

  • Easily overstimulated or overexcited

  • “Too much” for traditional daycare settings


Due to the highly individualized nature of this program, we are able to accommodate dogs that need specialized handling by experienced professionals. Dogs enrolled in our programs will be integrated into group work slowly and methodically to ensure that it is a safe, productive, and pleasant experience for all participants.

How does it work?

Dogs enrolled in day camp are dropped off at the Summit K9 facility in the morning during the specified drop off window. While at camp, groups will rotate through social sessions throughout the day, during which we will layer light skill building and training games. Between sessions, dogs rest in kennels to allow them to relax and reset!

At the end of the day, dogs will be picked up by their owners during the specified pick up time window, and will receive a brief update on how the day went! 

New Clients:

In order to ensure the safety of all of our client dogs and staff members, all new client dogs must first complete a Behavior Evaluation ($50). During this evaluation, we will get to know you and your dog, discuss any long term goals you have for your dog, walk you through the ins and outs of what to expect from the program, and evaluate your dog to match them to the group they will most enjoy during their time at daycare!


Prices and Memberships


Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly Membership Options:

Each monthly membership includes the following set number of passes, available each month. Passes must be used within the registered month, and will not carry over into the following month. Be sure to register early for your desired days, as bookings are first come, first serve! Reservations must be requested at least 48 hours in advance, and cancellations must be made at least 36 hours in advance in order to reschedule. Bookings cancelled within 36 hours of the scheduled service will be forfeited.

Platinum | $700+tax

Includes 20 Day Passes and all Summit Skills Club classes offered during the month

Gold | $525+tax

Includes 12 Day Passes and 3 Summit Skills Club classes

Silver | $375+tax

Includes 8 Day Passes and 2 Summit Skills Club classes

Bronze | $225+tax

Includes 4 Day Passes and 1 Summit Skills Club classes

A-la-carte Daycare days outside of memberships are $55/day. Standalone bookings are not guaranteed, and must be booked well in advance in order to ensure there is adequate space available!

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