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Meet the Team

Special Focuses:

Off-Leash Obedience

Leash Manners

Reactivity Rehabilitation

Scent Detection

Competition Obedience


Therapy Dog Prep

Adaptive Training for Handlers with Special Needs


Summit K9 Founder | Professional Trainer

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As a passionate dog lover and lifelong student of animal training, I look forward to helping you and your dog build a stronger, more communicative relationship. My approach centers strongly on the bond between dog and handler, and the canine learning theory behind strengthening this connection.

Research shows us that animals learn best when motivated by reinforcement under low stress. For this reason, the Summit K9 training philosophy is built on a solid foundation of motivation and properly timed rewards, balanced with the clarity of a pressure based communication system. Our approach is evidence and outcome based, balancing deep academic knowledge of animal behavior and extensive hands on experience with a wide range of dogs and training applications, from behavior modification to competitive sport work. 

No two dogs are the same, just as no two handlers are the same. Training sessions with our programs are highly individualized, centering on the specific learning needs of each and every client. While training programs are structured, purposeful, and balanced, plans are created on an individual basis to help you and your dog hone skills more quickly and easily than traditional group obedience programs.

In my opinion, building skills that translate into real world scenarios are of the utmost importance when building training strategies. I strive to integrate novel environments and obstacles into my training sessions, providing fun and exciting classes that produce happy, well adjusted companions.


International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) Professional Member

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

July 2021 Competition Obedience Workshop | Deb Zappia

April 2021 Competition Obedience Workshop | Deb Zappia

March 2021 Scent Detection Workshop | Tim Vallaincourt

January 2021-March2021 Walk With Me Ottawa Virtual Mentorship Program

July 2020 Protection Workshop | Deb Zappia

September 2020 Scent Detection Workshop | Tim Vallaincourt

2019 Scent Detection Seminar | Pat Nolan

IACP Virtual Conference 2021

December 2019 Michael Ellis Three Day Workshop Self Study (Virtual)

Leash Reactivity with Tyler Muto (Virtual)

Mastering the Remote Collar with Tyler Muto (Virtual)

The Electronic Collar with Michael Ellis Part 1 & 2 (Virtual)

Heelers Toolbox with Forrest Micke I & II (Virtual)

Alexandrea Underwood

Professional Trainer & Walker

"I was the owner who couldn’t take her dogs out in public. The owner who could barely walk her dog on the leash. The one who loved her dogs so much but knew she wasn’t giving the life they deserve because of their reactivity. Now, I am the Trainer who has walked in my clients shoes and can show them the way to overcome problems and build a great relationship with their dog.” 


Starting her career caring for dogs in Dog Daycares and Boarding facilities, Alex learned so much about dogs through hands-on experience. Through the years she continued to further her education in Dog Behavior, Handling, Body Language and Relationship Building. She continued to care for and handle all types of dogs of different temperaments which sparked her interest in advancing to Training. 


Alexandrea began to shadow Purely Positive Trainers which gave her some of the great basic’s and starting points. Having 3 dogs who were human and dog reactive she realized this was only getting her so far in her training. She began to watch and learn from Balanced trainers locally & around the world to find different training methods that could work for her dogs. Alex continues to further her education and prides herself on not limiting herself to certain training methods, so that she can help as many dogs and owners as possible. 


Functional Obedience

Reactivity Rehabilitation

Confidence Building

Relationship Building

Fearfulness Rehabilitation

Off-Leash Obedience

Structured Socialization

Aubry Ortenberg


Behavior Rehabilitation for Fearful Dogs
Breeder Matching for Prospective Owners
Puppy Foundations
Functional Obedience
House Manners
Canine Good Citizen Prep
Off-Leash Obedience

Dog Sports

Professional Trainer & Walker

Prior to becoming a trainer, Aubry spent many years working as a dog professional, from dog daycare and boarding to pet sitting and walking, building her handling skills and learning about canine behavior through experience. She has always been passionate about dogs, but discovered that she really wanted to pursue a serious career in training when she brought home her first dog, Oliver.

Like many trainers in the industry, Aubry's transitioned from casual dog lover to a committed and educated handler when she was first faced with challenging behaviors with one of her personal dogs. As Oliver developed, he began exhibiting challenging behaviors that pushed Aubry to more deeply explore dog psychology and training in order to properly address. Oliver struggled to do even very basic "normal" dog things due to his severe environmental anxiety. He had a hard time recovering from sudden movements and noises, new people, and certain flooring. By exploring a wide range of training approaches and methods and learning from other professionals in the industry, Aubry was able to help alleviate Ollie's anxieties, all the while building an arsenal of skills to help other owners work through their own behavior struggles with their dogs.

Fast forward to today, and Ollie is now joined by Aubry's second dog, Winston, a young Ibizan Hound. Aubry is constantly expanding her skillset in the sport work, working Winston (and sometimes Oliver!) in a wide range of disciplines, including conformation, lure coursing, fast cat, scent detection, agility, obedience, and barn hunt. You ask her what she is doing on any given weekend, and odds are, she is out competing somewhere with her pups!

Aubry has now helped countless dog and owners teams meet their training goals. She is constantly perfecting her craft through continued education, coursework with fellow trainers, and the pursuit of excellence in competition with her personal dogs.

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