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Welcome to Summit K9, home to the Rochester area's premier dog training program. It is our mission to provide owners with services that assist them in getting the most out of their relationship with their dogs. Through our training programs, we will help you build a clear communication system that assists you in providing your dog the freedom and enrichment they need to live full, happy, healthy lives. 

We specialize in building outdoor skills, empowering owners to safely and confidently include their dogs in their activities and travels. We want our clients to enjoy the same level of freedom found in stress-free leash walks and safe off-leash adventures that we enjoy with our own animals. Here at Summit K9, we strive to teach owners how grow with their dogs and take full advantage of the many, many activities and sports that they can enjoy together.

We offer a wide range of services, from dog daycare to private training to group classes and workshops! Our team of talented staff will help direct you into the ideal program to meet your needs, whether you are looking for a little extra exercise and enrichment for your dog while you are at work, seeking assistance tackling training problems, or looking to jump into competitive dog sports.


All new clients entering private training services begin with a pre-training Behavior Consultation with a staff member assigned to their case. These appointments allow us to counsel you on choosing the right program to meet your needs. Dog training is not one size fits all, and we frequently customize programs to help clients achieve their goals, taking into consideration the needs of the dog, schedule of the client, and budget. 

We look forward to being an active part of your training journey and helping you and your dog live your best life together! 


Private & Day

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Enrichment Daycare


Board & Train






Group Classes
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