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This is not your average basic obedience class. Through this course you will learn how to lay critical foundation skills in communication that will set you and your dog up for success through the entirety of your lives together.

Being a great dog owner is more than just knowing how to get your dog to do tricks. Sit, down, and stay are all great tools to help on your dog training journey, but this class will offer something much deeper. At Summit K9, we believe in taking a holistic approach to training that takes into account your lifestyle and your relationship with your pet. This means that our classes focus not only on teaching behaviors and training techniques, but teaching you how to fold training into everyday life with your dog.  


By taking this class, you will create a strong foundation in communication and training that will empower you to build new behaviors and address potential problems long after you have completed this course.

During this class, professional trainer Alexandrea Underwood will give you the knowledge to better your relationship with your dog, no matter their age. This course will take a deep dive into how dogs learn, how to communicate with your dog, how to motivate your dog to volunteer the behaviors that you want and ditch the ones you don't, and ultimately, how you can become your dog's best friend!

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Board & Train

Multi-week programs that fast track your dog's progress towards a happier, healthier, more well mannered life with you! Dogs enrolled in this program will receive intensive and holistic training to build a rock solid behavioral foundation, solidify off leash obedience, or troubleshoot problem  behaviors. 

3-6 Week Packages

$3,250 - $6,000


Reactivity Reboot


Foundations of Off-Leash Obedience

Board & Train Program

The Summit K9 Board & Train program is specifically designed to lay the foundations for your ideal dog! Throughout their stay, your dog will receive extensive one on one training to build the skills necessary to ensure proper house manners, general calmness, basic obedience, and leash skills. Participants in our 4 and 6 week programs will also build essential skills for off leash reliability and safe socialization with other dogs. 

This program is specifically formulated to assist you in learning to implement a holistic training system with your dog that will yield optimal results. Dogs in this program will be conditioned to very consistent structure, streamlining their transition back into your home. Owners participating in this program must commit to utilizing a crate in their home regularly. 

Dogs will be dropped off on Sunday night and will work on targeted training throughout the day with Summit K9 trainers Monday through Friday. Dog and owner will meet at Green Valley to receive a go home Private Lesson every Friday when they pick up their dogs, with guidelines and homework for continued progress for Saturday and Sunday. Following the final boarding portion of the program, owners will receive 2 in home follow up lessons for continued skill building and troubleshooting.

During their stay, your dog will be given the highest quality care and attention. Experienced staff will be on site 24/7, and you will receive frequent video and photo updates communicating your dog’s progress. Transparency is extremely important to us, and you will be notified of any problems or concerns immediately if such occurrences arise. Throughout the day, your dog will receive structured training, plenty of exercise (both mental and physical!), and outdoor play sessions with our trainers. Once your dog has mastered the basics, they will participate in regular field trips to practice their skills and explore the great outdoors! 

Summit K9 board and train programming is a headstart program. It is extremely important that the owner maintains the results when the dog goes home. If the new training and system of structure is not implemented from the moment the dog leaves our facility, they will backslide to their old habits. 


Program includes:

  • Behavior evaluation

  • Boarding (Sunday evening through Friday afternoon/evening)

  • 24/7 care at Green Valley K9

  • Regular text and email updates about your dog’s progress

  • Private lessons (every Friday of your program plus 2 follow up visits)

  • Homework videos with your dog

  • All necessary gear will be provided for continued training (place beds, training collars and other equipment, educational resources)

  • Free access to monthly Summit K9 group lessons and practice sessions
    for continued progress and trouble shooting for the life of the dog

  • Ongoing email and phone support for the life of the dog

What your dog will learn:

Strong obedience foundations

Loose leash walking

House manners and calmness in the home

Electronic collar conditioning

Introduction to off leash reliability

Introduction to public access skills

Prices range from $3,250 - $6,000

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