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Summit K9 Countdown to Christmas
25 Day Training Challenge


Announcing the first annual Summit K9
25 Day Countdown to Christmas Challenge!

What is it?
This is a festive, end of year dog training challenge, open to all! Though this is a "Christmas countdown" challenge, built in the style of an advent calendar, it is just intended as fun, festive excuse to work dogs. Any and all religious backgrounds are welcomed, whether you celebrate Christmas or not!

This countdown contains a combination of 3 elements:
1. Skill building
2. Relationship building
3. Reflection and mindfulness

The skill building section will include elements that all lead up to creating the perfect holiday photo of your pup! Bonus points to those who have the most festive photo by the last day!

How it works:
• Each day you will have 1 training related assignment to complete.
• To "turn in" your assignment, you must post the required video or photo (as specified for the day) to your Instagram story and visibly tag "@summitk9training" and "#sk9holidaychallenge" in the story so that we can share your submission! You must post and visibly tag Summit K9 in order for you that day's submission to be valid.
• Submissions must be made by 11:59pm the day of the assignment in order to be counted for that day.

• Anyone who turns in all 25 assignments will win a Summit K9 Travel Mug and holographic sticker!
• Each assignment posted will enter 1 submission to win a Summit K9 Sweatshirt and a beautiful leather The Golden Ranch Everyday Leash in the color of your choice! (please note that there will be a short delay in delivery, as we will order the item in the specific size and color requested by the winner before delivery)

You will need:
• High value treats
• A phone with a camera (a tripod is also recommended for ease of filming yourself)
• An instagram account
• An "article" object - something flat and visible to your dog. Good everyday items would include a small square of carpet or a small hand towel. I will be using a small rubber dot.
• A box large enough for your dog to sit in, with low enough sides for them to easily climb into
• A festive headband (think antlers, santa hat, or other wintery style), a festive garland, and/or a large gift bow!

Participants must be located within the US and Canada in order for us to mail prizes, but participants outside of those areas are more than welcome to join the challenge for the support, bragging rights, and general good time!

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