Virtual Training

Training will be highly specialized based on your goals and your dog’s needs. Each session will be preceded by a free phone behavioral consultation in order to create a personalized base training plan to ensure optimal results. During Virtual Training sessions, the trainer will assist you in creating a management plan for your dog and coach you through exercises and techniques that will build desired behaviors, discourage undesired behaviors, and strengthen your communication between you and your dog.

Session includes:

  • Free phone consultation

  • A custom training plan targeting your specific goals

  • One on one coaching through training exercises specific to your dog's needs

  • Instructions for continued progress and maintenance

Private Virtual Training sessions are offered as 1 Hour Full Sessions or 30 Minute Mini Private Sessions. Group Mini Courses and Specialized Classes are coming soon!
Package Pricing
Includes 3 Classes
Full 1 Hour Private                   $250
Mini 1/2 Hour Private              $150
Group                                       varies