We offer customized training solutions to meet the specific needs of every dog and owner pair. Each dog is unique, and we believe that training should be too. Whether tackling tough problem behaviors or seeking new ways to connect and grow with your dog, we'll create the perfect program for you!

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Puppy Training

Get your new puppy started off right with our in home puppy training package! This course will set you and your dog up for a lifetime of success and positive experiences. By completing this training in your own home, you will receive the attention and customized instruction that every new puppy needs. Each package includes a 30 minute free phone consultation in order to assess the needs of the dog and the goals of the owner. These sessions can be formatted to include at-home coaching sessions and day training, during which the trainer works independently with your pup to master new skills.

Package includes:

  • Free phone consultation

  • 6 At Home training sessions

  • One on one coaching through training exercises specific to your puppy's needs

  • Living with your new puppy overview - tips and tricks for successful puppy raising!

  • Post session instructions for continued progress and maintenance