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Hello and welcome to the first step of our journey!

Rocky has now been with our little family for just over two months, and boy has it been a roller coaster of a ride already. Rescue dogs are almost never a simple transition, and Rocky has been far from the exception. His behavior has evolved in many unexpected ways following his arrival. Though this is not unusual, it has presented a few more

speed bumps in our training than I had anticipated. While friendly, outgoing, and food driven, as he has settled down he has also become more leash and barrier reactive, territorial, and mistrustful of strange men. On adoption day, I was itching to dive right in to scent training and detection work. Now, I am overjoyed at a walk where my shoulder remains in its socket and a feed time with no paws on the counter.

This is not to say that we will not still pursue scent training. This has, however, taught me patience and both humbled and expanded my skills as a behavioral trainer. It has encouraged me to do my research, read countless books by behaviorists with varying philosophies, comb youtube videos applying different techniques, and discuss success and failure stories with fellow animal owners and trainers. I have learned far more in these two months retraining a problem dog than I have in the past 25 with comparatively obedient ones. It is my hope that by sharing our trials and triumphs on this blog, I can help others overcome similar training obstacles. Though our ultimate goal is still to work in wildlife detection, we still have plenty of ground to cover before we get there.

So if you love wagging tails and long winding trails, track us on our many adventures (and misadventures)! We can't wait to share our journey with you!

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