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day Camp

This half-day program is an excellent alternative to traditional daycare, providing your dog with structure, training, socialization, outdoor outings, and exercise to enrich your dog's life while also building skills! Plus, this program offers the added bonus of in-home pick up, so no rushing to the kennel for daycare drop off before heading to work!

Dogs participating in this program will receive a combination of behavioral training, physical exercise, mental enrichment, structured socialization, and conditioned relaxation during sessions. All training and socialization work will be customized to meet the needs of individual dogs, but will place special focus on the following:

  • Attention to the handler

  • Leash skills (loose leash walking)

  • Socialization and neutrality to other dogs and new people

  • Desensitization to common distractions

  • Conditioned relaxation & calmness

  • Foundations of off-leash obedience

Dogs will be accepted into this program based on the owner's goals, the dog's temperament, and the size of the dog. 

Space for this program is extremely limited, so please register early to reserve your spot. Due to the limited nature of this program, participants must register for a minimum of 6 camp days to begin. New dogs enrolled in the program must enroll for at least one day per week until their initial package has been completed, unless the owner has a previously planned vacation at the time of registration.


 Please note that while you are of course welcome to  take a break from this program as desired, you may forfeit your booking and be added to the waitlist if you wish to register again in the future.

Please complete the following form to

apply for the Day Camp Program!


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