Electronic Collar Introduction Program

Electronic collars, more commonly referred to as "e-collars," can provide off leash reliability and freedom, improve communication between dog and handler, and address behaviors when the handler is physically distanced from the dog. This tool is ideal for "proofing" known behaviors, for recalling a dog in the presence of competing motivators, and for sharpening obedience cues.  When combined with positive reinforcement techniques, e-collars can provide a safe, fun, and efficient means of ensuring consistent behavior.

Though the e-collar is an amazing tool for improving your dog's obedience, it requires a very intentional and intensive introduction process in order to be safe, humane, and effective. Our system of training implements low levels of e-collar "stimulation" to cue the dog into known behaviors, such as coming when called, "place," sit, and down. This program combines one on one Walk & Train sessions, during which the trainer teaches your dog how to respond to the tool, and At Home Training sessions, during which the trainer instructs the owner on proper use of the tool and the training principles behind it's usage.


The Summit K9 E-Collar Introduction Program provides you and your dog with a thorough understanding of the tool, assisting you in creating a enjoying greater freedom with your dog. 


Session includes:

  • Free phone consultation

  • 8 Walk & Train Sessions

  • 3 At Home Training Sessions

  • Mini Educator or Micro Educator Electronic Collar

  • Place Cot

  • Custom video of key exercises for future reference

Program Schedule

Week 1

​Monday:       Walk & Train Visit

Tuesday:       Walk & Train Visit

Wednesday:  Walk & Train Visit

Thursday:     Walk & Train Visit

Friday:         At Home Training -

                     E-Collar 101 for


Week 2

​Monday:        Walk & Train Visit

Tuesday:        Walk & Train Visit

Wednesday:   Walk & Train Visit

Thursday:      Walk & Train Visit

Friday:           At Home Training - 

                      Practical Use of the

                      E-Collar for Owners

Week 3

Friday:      At Home Training - 

                 Troubleshooting and Skill

                 Building with the E-Collar