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Walking Services

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Solo Dog Walks

Fun filled, training centered walks to provide physical and mental exercise while building new skills

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Pack Adventures

Join the pack! You dog will learn to safely socialize with other dogs while exploring the great outdoors!

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Puppy Visits


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At Summit K9, we are passionate about providing dogs with the biological fulfillment they need to live happy, healthy lives. Dog walking with Summit K9 is not your average dog walking program. Mental exercise is equally important to your dog's health and well-being as physical exercise, which is why we have specially formulated our walking services to include structured training and games. While your pup will have plenty of opportunity to sniff and explore, they will also be actively building loose leash walking skills, basic obedience foundations, and attentiveness to the handler.


Training and skill building is Summit K9's #1 priority. All staff members are training professionals, and have a strong knowledge base and skill set in canine behavior and learning. They train intensively to continue to develop training skills that will help you bring the best out of your dog. Dogs are always learning (whether we intend them to or not!), so it is our staff's goal to ensure that your dog is only practicing behaviors that you want to see more of!

Professional Dog Walkers