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As a passionate dog lover and lifelong student of animal training, I look forward to helping you and your dog build a stronger, more communicative relationship. My approach centers strongly on the bond between dog and handler, and the canine learning theory behind strengthening this connection.

Research shows us that animals learn best when motivated by positive reinforcement under low stress. For this reason, my training philosophy is built on a solid foundation of motivation and properly timed rewards, balanced with the clarity of a pressure based communication system.

No two dogs are the same, just as no two handlers are the same. Training sessions with Summit K9 are highly individualized, centering on the specific learning needs of each and every client. While training programs are structured, purposeful, and balanced, plans are created on an individual basis to help you and your dog hone skills more quickly and easily than traditional group obedience programs.

Building skills that translate into real world scenarios are of the utmost importance when building training strategies. I strive to integrate novel environments and obstacles into my training sessions, providing fun and exciting classes that produce happy, well adjusted companions.

Sessions can be formatted to fit your training goals, whether you are laying the foundations in puppy training, honing more advanced skills, or tackling challenging problem behaviors.


Pat Nolan Seminar: Audit

Michael Ellis Seminar (Online course)

Obedience Seminar 1 (Audit) Deb Zappia

Detection Seminar (Working) Tim Vallaincourt

Obedience Seminar 2 (Working Spot)

Obedience Seminar 3 (Working Spot)

IACP Virtual Conference 2021

Pat Stuart Online Course


Special focuses on off-leash obedience, leash reactivity rehabilitation, scent detection, competition obedience,.

Aubry Ortenberg

Professional Trainer & Walker

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Alexandrea Underwood

Professional Trainer & Walker

I was the owner who couldn’t take her dogs out in public. The owner who could barely walk her dog on the leash. The one who loved her dogs so much but knew she wasn’t giving the life they deserve because of their reactivity. Now, I am the Trainer who has walked in my clients shoes and can show them the way to overcome problems and build a great relationship with their dog” 


Starting her career caring for dogs in Dog Daycares and Boarding facilities, Alex learned so much about dogs through hands-on experience. Through the years she continued to further her education in Dog Behavior, Handling, Body Language and Relationship Building. She continued to care for and handle all types of dogs of different temperaments which sparked her interest in advancing to Training. 


Alexandrea began to shadow Purely Positive Trainers which gave her some of the great basic’s and starting points. Having 3 dogs who were human and dog reactive she realized this was only getting her so far in her training. She began to watch and learn from Balanced trainers locally & around the world to find different training methods that could work for her dogs. Alex continues to further her education and prides herself on not limiting herself to certain training methods, so that she can help as many dogs and owners as possible. 




Confidence Building

Relationship Building


Tarah Doolin

Professional Trainer & Walker

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Olivia Pringle

Professional Trainer & Walker

Olivia has always been surrounded by dogs and all kinds of animals growing up. From living in a multidog house hold since childhood, to showing Miniature horses at a national level before the age of 12. As she branched off more specifically into dogs,  she was fascinated by behavior, reactivity, sports and nutrition. Olivia believes the foundation of a well mannered and balanced dog begins with what makes them happy. All dogs are motivated by different things whether its food, a ball, scent work, or just freedom to run all of these positive reinforcement tools are the key to a great foundation with your dog for building confidence and strengthening your relationship together. Olivia's first experience responsible for a passionate career was with her personal dog Bentley. While questionable genetics of a GSD mixed with a Chowchow were at hand, Bentley struggled with reactivity to other dogs and was fearful of people. Through Bentleys main drive for food and toys, she was able to help him gain confidence in himself, and her in order to cope with the insecurity of other dogs and strangers. 


Olivia is currently in training with her Dutch shepherd, Ratchet for Protection Sports Association towards their Protection Dog Certification as well as training and competing in Dock Diving. 

Exeperience seminars 


”Arousal, impulse control and problem behaviors in dogs” Hosted by Ken mcCort 

Defining arousal Looking at genetics and predisposition to arousal issues 

Neurobiology Basic brain anatomy References

 Basic neural chemistry Neurobiology and learning Dogs sensory systems 

Working with arousal issues and management Specific exercises to help dogs gain arousal control 


”Animal behavior symposium“ workshops and lectures Hosted by Cornell University The working dog project and genomics of behavior How to build A working dog Equine problem behavior Upenn vet working dog center workshop introduction to k9 fitness Introduction to shaping- A force free, positive reinforcement training technique Raptor behavior and training


 “Living with and training a fearful dog“ Hosted by Debbie Jacobs Why dogs are afraid and what fear looks like Common myths and misunderstandings How to handle a fearful dog Training techniques and concepts Medications, supplements and other calming aids Special focus on working with dogs with few to no social skills for interacting with people


"remote collar training for the pet dog" hosted by Ed Frawley


"the power of playing tug with your dog" hosted by Michael Ellis


"the power of training dogs with food" hosted by Michael Ellis