We offer customized training solutions to meet the specific needs of every dog and owner pair. Each dog is unique, and we believe that training should be too. Whether tackling tough problem behaviors or seeking new ways to connect and grow with your dog, we'll create the perfect program for you!

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Canine Connection

Participants in our therapeutic Canine Connection Program benefit from the unique opportunities for healing and personal achievement provided by dogs. Working with dogs has been linked to a host of physical and mental health benefits, ranging from reduced anxiety and depression, to improved cardiovascular health, to weight loss. Sessions are customized to meet the individual needs and goals of participants, but are centered around learning techniques for effective communication, care, training, and relaxation.

This program helps foster confidence and independence, all the while building the canine handler bond.

Don’t have a dog? No problem! We have multiple program dogs available for use in these sessions, and will pair the participant with one that best suits their individual needs and goals.